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June 13, 2024

Hannah Somers, U.S. Program Manager at Talent Beyond Boundaries,

Innovative new program offers solution to talent needs

Employers are constantly searching for talented workers, particularly right now across the United States. Sometimes the options may seem limited, but as of early this year, there is a new solution available to employers looking to find high quality talent.

Welcome Corps at Work, a program launched in April 2024, offers a new, innovative pathway to access talent. Operated by Talent Beyond Boundaries in partnership with the International Rescue Committee and funded by the U.S. Government, Welcome Corps at Work opens the door for employers to hire refugees located abroad into open positions here in the United States.


The process is simple, requiring that employers identify vacancies and provide information about the open roles and hiring process to the Welcome Corps at Work team. The Welcome Corps at Work team then sources qualified applicants from the Talent Catalog, a database of CVs highlighting skills and experience of displaced refugees around the world. The Talent Catalog currently boasts over 100,000 registrants with experience in 170+ different positions such as electrical engineers, nurses, and skilled tradespeople.


The Welcome Corps at Work team helps facilitate interviews and eventually, job offers, between the employer and the candidate(s). Candidates are then referred to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) to enter into the United States in refugee status, ready and eligible to work shortly upon arrival. Candidates in refugee status are able to remain and work in the United States indefinitely, eligible for a green card after one year and citizenship after 5 years. Upon arrival, candidates and their families are supported by a Private Sponsor Group - a network of 5-10 volunteers committed to providing a warm welcome and helping candidates get set up with housing, school, and community navigation..


To date, the Welcome Corps at Work program has helped employers across the country in healthcare, skilled trades, and education find exceptional talent in refugee candidates living in Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi. In the coming year, these candidates will relocate to Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and other states across the U.S. to rebuild their lives and resume their careers with these employers.


Employers are the right match for this program if they:

  • Are looking for talent with a specific skill set, providing meaningful opportunities for refugees to use their skills and experience
  • Have evergreen positions available and flexibility to wait 1-2 years for the candidate to be processed by USRAP
  • Pay a living wage based on their location, and are committed to the safety, rights, and development of their workforce
  • Have a company culture of a commitment to diversity and are interested in providing refugees the opportunity to rebuild their lives and careers


Taking advantage of refugee labor mobility programs like Welcome Corps at Work is a win-win-win. It’s a win for employers in need of talent, a win for candidates looking to relocate to safety and work to support themselves and their families, and a win for communities overall. For employers in Sioux Center interested in hiring outstanding talent, consider whether the Welcome Corps at Work program might be a good fit for your company and then reach out to our team directly at to learn more.



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